There shall be full members, co-opted members and honorary members.
(a) A full member shall be a permanent resident in Dokolo North, or living
elsewhere but he/she is from Dokolo North by birth, decent, marriage or

(b) A co-opted member shall be a person who resides and or work in Dokolo District but whose geographical scope of work includes Dokolo North.

(c) Honorary member .The Association may in the Annual General Assembly and at its discretion admit any individual, group, company or organization that may wish to offer special assistance to the Association as a honorary member. Honorary member may attend the Annual General Assembly as observers and shall have no right to vote or to be voted into any position of responsibility in the association.

(a) A member shall be a person who has attained the age of 18 years.
(b) Save for co-opted and honorary members, a member shall be registered and issued with membership card upon payment of membership fee.