Dokolo North Community Initiatives (DNCI) is an organization formed as voluntary association of people of Dokolo North, whether living in Dokolo North or elsewhere. DNCI was formed by people of Dokolo North in 2018 and registered with Government of Uganda in 2019. This association was founded on the values of African Culture of hard work, sharing, unity and togetherness. DNCI is committed to the development of Dokolo North for the benefit of people of Dokolo North and all people who live in Dokolo North.

We developed a five year strategic plan to guide our development initiatives that aim at fulfilling the reasons for our existence. We do our work collectively as members and we developed this strategic plan in consultation and with inputs from members. The organization’s programmes envisaged in strategic plan 2021-2026 that will be implemented in Dokolo district in Northern Uganda.


The goal of DNCI is to reduce poverty among people of Dokolo North through socioeconomic transformation where all people are productive, prosperous and enjoy dignified lives. In the five-year period, DNCI will focus on four pillars. These will include;
(a) economic empowerment

(b) people health,

(c) quality education for all and

(d)accountable governance.