We are from Dokolo North, which is one of the two counties (constituencies) in Dokolo District. Dokolo District was comprised of only one county (constituency) but in 2015, it was split into two namely Dokolo North and Dokolo South. Before Dokolo became a district, it was a county in LiraDistrict, which is part of the larger Lango sub-region.

Dokolo County had been an administrative unit before the promulgation of the 1997 Local Government Act as well as an electoral constituency. With the diminished roles of counties as administrative units in Uganda, Dokolo North is mainly an electoral constituency, with administrative functions resting at sub counties and the district local government.

Dokolo North is composed of five sub counties and two town councils. The
sub counties are Adok, Amwoma, Agwata, Dokolo, Okwalongwen and Bata sub counties. The town councils are Agwata and Bata.